Agenda: R-Uit

Benieuwd wat regeneratie voor jou kan betekenen? Doe mee, praat mee of plant mee tijdens één van onze activiteiten.


Regenerative Learning Session
(English, online)

Regenerative Learning Session on Building a Regenerative Brand (English)
through zoom


Are you wondering how you build a brand that is good for everybody? A brand that is improving the natural world around us and making people feel purposeful, nourished and connected?

Then prepare yourself for the next session, because that is what we are going to talk about with Marielle Gussenhoven from Wholebrands and Matthijs Westerwoudt from Wilder Land!

In the last 8 years Marielle helped companies like Wilder Land, Yoni, Seepje and Commonland build their brands and increase their impact. During this session Marielle will explain her personal method which we will then apply on the case of Wilder Land together with Matthijs

So if you are part of a regenerative initiative, or would like to start one, this session is for you! Mark it in your calendar, bring your partners in crime, and we will see you Friday the 2nd to R-connect!