Fostering Living Cultures in Bioregions (online event)







Fostering Living Cultures in Bioregions (online event)

Fostering Living Cultures in Bioregions (online event)

The bioregion of the South Veluwe Watershed (around Wageningen, Ede and Renkum) is one of the Netherlands’ oldest bio-cultural territories. As in other places in the Netherlands, from the Ice Age onwards, the area was characterised by a mix of hunting-gathering and forest farming. But when the Roman soldiers came, people started to lose their plant knowledge, their territorial economies, their collective relations to their place, and their spirituality connected to nature. This marked the start of colonisation, extraction, patriarchism and disintegration, which continues until today.

However, in the South Veluwe bioregion, a substantial reservoir of ancient knowledge, practices and places is still alive, that resonates with all of life. It is not without reason that many agroecological pioneers are located in the territory. A number of residents and organizations are involved in ecology, agriculture, health, education and culture. In this learning session, Edo and Janneke will share how residents are connecting these initiatives, strengthening a sense of community and belonging, and building a territorial economy that serves life. By integrating place, culture and economy in this way, people are reclaiming their collective role as caretakers and fostering Living Cultures in the bioregion.


  • Online event via Zoom
  • Friday the 7th of June, 12.30-14.00

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