Sleeping outside for 365 days







Sleeping outside for 365 days

Sleeping outside for 365 days

What does this do to you in winter time?

Koen Arts and his wife had lost their connection with nature and decided to sleep outside for 365 days. Not abroad, but in their own environment. They stayed outside at least 50% of the time. He wrote a book about it: Wild Jaar.

In the second Learning Session of winter, Koen tells us about his experiences of living outdoors in the Dutch winter. What were the challenges and insights? Would he recommend sleeping outside in winter? You are welcome to ask Koen your questions. There is also the possibility to ask about his experiences in the other seasons…


  • Online via Zoom
  • February the 2nd from 12.30–02.00 p.m.
  • Language: English (if you prefer, you can ask your questions in Dutch, someone will translate)
  • You can follow the 2nd Learning Session without participating in the first one.

Photo: Lode Greven

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