What death teaches us about life | Learning Session Autumn #2







What death teaches us about life | Learning Session Autumn #2

What death teaches us about life | Learning Session Autumn #2

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“Death is always there, those who do not look away from it learn to live with it and feel free, just like the wind”
quote from the movie Buladó

This fall we would like to take you on a journey that will enter the world of the dying and raises the question what death teaches us about life.
As autumn is the season where death is all around us; l
eaves fall from trees and break down into nutrients that nourish the soil, the stormy weather asks animals to seek shelter and nature is preparing for hibernation. For generations, people in the West lived with the cycle of the seasons, in which autumn, after an exuberant period of harvests and abundance, is the time to return inward.

During the second learning session of the autumn season we will talk to writer, entrepreneur and death doula Alexandra Derwen (they/them). They know death better than anyone through years of experience in guiding dying in their final phase of life. In this conversation, Alexandra will talk about their work and how death has become a mentor over the years in what a good life entails.

Participation is on a donation basis.
Session will be in English

About Alexsandra:
Alexandra Derwen (they / them) is an author, speaker and facilitator in the field of death, dying and grief. Alexandra’s Lost Rites trilogy of books span the personal to the collective to the systemic need for death rites, rituals of ending, closure and of mourning; their work is as much about holding people and families at an individual death and it is about the systemic collapse and losses we are collectively experiencing at a global level. These are times of hospicing what is dying to us. Alexandra is the founder and lead facilitator of a social enterprise called Sacred Circle CIC and their courses are both online and in person www.journeywithdeath.com. The Journey with Death work takes Alexandra and their team around the world holding space for exploring what the “teacher that is Death” can teach us. Alexandra is an intuitive speaker who hits flow easily and brings through embodied insights that accompanying thousands of dying people and their families has gifted them. Alexandra explores these deep and difficult topics with lightness and humour and finds that facing these shadowy topics head on is always more joyous than people think and much easier than avoiding them. Alexandra is 43, lives in the Eryri mountains (Snowdonia) in North Wales, has two labradors and a cat and loves making pilgrimage and wild swimming. You can learn more about Alexandra www.derwenroots.wales and by following them on social media @journeywithdeath

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